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Everything started when I left my life in the city when I was 40, with my daughter Maya.

We moved to Mitzpe Ramon with the intention of making a more spiritual life. From this point of view, I started baking. Real breads. After four years of baking from home, I opened a professional bakery. Stone ovens, a big wooden work table, and satisfaction from what I'm doing.


"Lasha Bakery" is a boutique bakery, that specializes in healthy breads, sourdoughs, whole flours and slow and traditional processes.

I carefully choose the raw materials.

The bakery is located in Mitzpe Ramon, and with time it became an integral part of the local landscape.

The magic of the bakery got around, and the tasters began to ask about the secret of the bread. That’s why we decided to open an educational center that focuses on the world of the Bread, in addition to the shops.

 The learning exposes the technical, spiritual, historical, feminine and Jewish sides of making bread.

Groups are coming, from Israel and from around the world to experience what we offer.


The bakery shop is located in from of the bakery. The shop presents the magical abundance that’s being made in the bakery, and boutique products from local small manufacturers.

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